Breakthrough In The Next 60 Seconds

There comes a time in life where the right mind (mentality, attitude..) can turn your life from what has been to what has never been and what can be.

A breakthrough.

What is a breakthrough? It is that incident which changes an ordinary unsuccessful lawyer to the strongest opponent of the Great British Empire. It is that “Call within the call” which transforms an ordinary woman into a world renowned Mother.

If you haven’t noticed already, you are not too different from the above mentioned Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa!

What is different, however, is that they took an incident, in fact an everyday incident (getting showed from a train because of skin color, or seeing a child in pain), and made it into a life changing breakthrough.

AND NOT JUST FOR THEM! It was not life changing for just one individual. It made the entire world better.

That is a Breakthrough.

Many potential breakthroughs happen in your life and mine too. Everyday. But the difference between the greats and not-so-greats is that the latter are not sensitive to such incidents, circumstances and situations. They are so busy living their lives day to day that they don’t have time to be sensitive to situations that seemingly require more time, effort and attention.

They are so busy running on the hamster wheel. Never catching a break and yet never getting ahead in life. Not getting anywhere. Running round and round (and not even like the wheels of the bus which at least get somewhere!)

I know what you are thinking. I can hear them. “That’s rude. I am getting SOMEWHERE. I am paying all my bills. Sending my kids to school. Getting ahead at work. How can you call me a hamster on the wheel!
You don’t even know that I am due for a promotion this year and get a whooping 20% hike in salary.”

I hear you say “You know Nothing Nunna”

Honey, come out of the wheel and you will see you are a hamster and you just don’t know it.

Don’t be angry. Let me explain. Try to visualize that meet you a friend (a friend of the opposite sex or a friend who is an undercover rival) five years from now at the airport. That friend is doing amazingly, you can tell by the looks. And now its your turn to tell her how your life is. What do you want to tell her, that will give you a thrill! Something like this probably?

  • You were in Europe last month for a fun trip (not work) Vs You haven’t been around much lately.
  • You look fit, healthy and hot Vs lazy and exhausted.
  • You are well known in your field of work Vs You are one among a million employees of your company and nobody knows who you are.
  • You have a loving spouse and a happy child Vs you feel like a peanut trapped with another peanut in a hard shell.
  • You moved to this amazing house Vs Yeah! Still living at that same old shack.
  • You have something profound to share vs you are just as silly as you were in college.

I am sure you get the point now. Examples aside, here is the take away.

  1. If you feel you are living that perfect life, whatever perfect may be for you, then you are NOT on a hamster wheel.
  2. If you feel you are not yet living that perfect life but you are WORKING towards it, then also you are NOT on a hamster wheel.
  3. If you feel you are not yet living that perfect life and you are not yet working towards it but now that you read all this, you feel you should do something about it, then you just STEPPED OFF the hamster wheel.

Now another subtle but very critical point to note. Let’s look at the example statements I quoted previously (the ones that you are gonna tell your friend). They are not random statements. They are crafted carefully to make a very strong point. Each example statements covers a different dimension of your life, travel, health, family, fame, finance and knowledge! (Don’t be fixated on that order. Its not the order of importance but just by the fun factor)

So what is this strong point I am trying to make? Every dimension is important! You have to do well in everything to really do well. You cannot simply focus on your strengths and further strengthen them, and let the weakness get weaker by the day.

It will be like you working on only one limb of your body and let every other muscle go weak. That will NOT make you stronger. It will only make you impaired!

Remember the good old saying “The chain is only as strong as the weakest link!”. Work on your weakness and bring overall growth. Everything has to go well for your life to go well. This is true for any system. Take for example your body. Everything should work well for you to state that you are healthy. Even if one tiny aspect is not well, you cannot state that you are healthy. For things to go right, everything thing has to go right. For things to go wrong, just one thing going wrong is enough.

So figure out what those dimensions are for you! (I will tell mine in the next post).

Back to breakthrough. Be sensitive to happenings around you. Make them your breakthrough stories. That’s how you will get from your today-self to that amazing five-year-later-self. It doesn’t have to be a huge incident or insult to be your breakthrough. It could be as simple as this blog post.

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More coming soon. Leave a comment meanwhile.

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