Easy business ideas for people with no skills

Have you heard this story about “A Million Dollar Homepage?”

Million dollar Homepage? Yes, literally a million dollar.

A Really Good Story

One clever duck back in 2005 wanted to earn his tuition fee and had come up with a very simple idea. It was that time when the internet was relatively new and he acquired a very simple skill; to build a website (just the homepage, in fact).

It had a pixel size of 1000*1000 making it a million pixels in size. He built a landing page with million pixels. Do you see where this is going? Anyway, let me explain what he did next. He convinced businesses and brands to spend just ONE dollar and buy one square pixel of ad space on his home page. A million square pixels..and one dollar for a square pixel.. If you did not do the math yet, it’s a whopping MILLION DOLLARS for his brilliant idea. The technology was very simple, but the idea is very novel.

And of course it was much easier to convince many businesses to spend one dollar instead of one business to spend a million dollars. A great business model! Of course we do not know (or care really..) if this ad helped any of the business given the fact that the ads looked  really tiny. But we do know that the kid earned a million dollars!

So what is the take away here. (Let me know in the comments)

The Takeaway

For me, the take away is not the idea, not the tech skill but the ability to convince people. You come across some people in your social circles who can convince you for almost anything. They are not sales people, but they are the reason why you bought those Red shoes, signed up for Yoga, started smoking or even fought with that moral policing dude next door. Convincing people to do something, or more precisely making someone see what you see is the corner stone of building a successful business.

Do you have this skill? Of course you do. We all have been convincing our parents, spouses and children for something or the other all our lives. To eat that broccoli, to not eat that cheesy pizza, to eat that cheesy pizza. Depending on what we want we always had a strong logic and we have always been convincing people to see our point of view.

And here in this article I want to focus on that one art and show you that you can build a business around it. You do not need any great tech skills for this. You just need to channel your inner salesman for this.

Now, as promised, here are my favorite, new, innovative and easy business ideas for you. Easy business ideas for people with practically no skills.

Business idea 1: A friend to the elderly

We all know that the urbanization (moving from towns to cities to different countries) has left the elderly alone and lonely. There were even news articles about a few tier-2 cities in India, where the craze was to send their children abroad. Everyone worked towards sending their kids abroad. Little did they realized that they would be left alone once the children left the nest. Apparently to(w)ns and to(w)ns households had only the elderly population!
Now its not that the children don’t love their parents. In fact they are making their parents’ dreams come true. But the fact remains that the elderly are lonely.
Here is a great opportunity for you to serve these people and make a business out of it too. (Hey it’s not wrong to earn money from work. Remember that always). The children are ready to pay for people to come and entertain their lonely parents. Here is where you come in. Hire college and university students as part-time employees. Find NRI children ready to pay for the service. And simply match the demand and supply. Its a win-win and a win for all parties involved. This is a profitable and a satisfying business, all from the comfort of your home!! You do not even have to meet anyone in person. And TOTALLY SCALABLE!

Business idea 2: Personal Shopper

Now this one does require you to move around a bit. And move around to shop! If that sounds fun to you then there is so much value you can add to yourself, to the boutiques and your clients. But it works only if you are the typical shopaholic or at the least love shopping.
Do some research. Visit stores. Take your buddies with different body shapes and requirements. Try on different clothes on them and make a guidebook for yourself on what suits whom.
This requires a little bit of convincing from the clients side but once you have a few testimonials (from your kind friends and loving family is more than enough), you will see that clients slowly start coming to you.
Especially if you live in and around gated communities and have access to their private WhatsApp groups, this works much more easily. You can charge a fee from the client and as well as from the boutiques/stores. All while doing your most favorite thing. Shopping! And hey, you might even gain fame just as much as that famous designer, without even designing anything.

Business idea 3: Travel Agent Designer

We all know travel agents. They book our flights, accommodation, tours etc. and most often than not we are disappointed with the quality. We end up letting go the fee we paid and book our own accommodation after having one look at what they booked for us.

People have horror stories with travel agents. You would think, travel agents are there to help you when things go wrong. But Noooo. Anyway, I do not want you to be a travel agent.
This is about being a “Travel Designer” a whole different thing. If you are someone who enjoy doing the research on flights, destinations, hotels.. and everything related to travel, then this is for you.

People want to go on vacation to relax, rejuvenate and rekindle! To get some respite from their everyday life. But they do not like to spend hours on Google reading 100s of reviews about all aspects of a vacation. It only adds stress. The opposite of what they are trying to do.

As a travel designer, you can do all that for them. All you need to do is understand the clients and their tastes and then spend a ton of time on google rabbit hole and craft the best plan for them. You can further go ahead and make the bookings too. Totally scalable too. You can do this for any number of people sitting at your home.

There are a ton of people who would gladly pay for this well designed travel.

You can of course always leverage the power of digital marketing to boost your business. If you are new to the exciting world of marketing, here is a brief overview. https://digitaldeepanshi.com/lets-take-you-to-the-world-of-digital-marketing/

So that’s a wrap for easy business ideas you can start today even if you have no fancy skills.

Do you like these ideas but need more convincing to take charge of your life? Read this article to get into the right mindset for your growth. https://makeamillion.in/breakthrough-in-the-next-60-seconds/

Do leave some comments and let me know what you want to read next.

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