Four consequences you will definitely face

Life can only ever throw you these FOUR CONSEQUENCES to ANY choice you make

1. You get what you expected
2. You get more than what you expected
3. You get less than what you expected
4. You get the opposite of what you expected

For any choice you ever make, these are the only four possible consequences.

You see, you can choose from a 100 options but life has only 4.

We see 1 and 2 as success . 3 and 4 as failure.

Instead we should see 1 and 2 as Validation of your choice. 3 and 4 as feedback!!

And then what do you do? Make a counter-choice to the consequence!

This is Sai. I love entrepreneurship, spirituality and psychology. And I keep talking about these.

I hope you enjoy reading about them. If you know someone who might enjoy just as much as you, do share freely!

Lots of energy to you!

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