Quick Bites to inspire you!

  • Do you make this excuse too?
    Some people excel in one aspect of life and they make that as an excuse to fail in everything else.​They excel at work and that’s their excuse for not spending time with family, not being fit and healthy.​Some people are/seem happy and that happiness is their excuse to not excel at work or financially.​They argue … Read more
  • Four consequences you will definitely face
    Life can only ever throw you these FOUR CONSEQUENCES to ANY choice you make​1. You get what you expected2. You get more than what you expected3. You get less than what you expected4. You get the opposite of what you expected​​For any choice you ever make, these are the only four possible consequences.​You see, you … Read more
  • Most people fail in this test
    Try to visualize that meet you a friend (a friend of the opposite sex or a friend who is an undercover rival) five years from now at the airport. That friend is doing amazingly, you can tell by the looks. And now its your turn to tell her how your life is. What do you … Read more
  • Life is FULL of opportunities!
    Rain fills the size of the vessel. If with your beliefs you feel and you think you deserve only a spoonful and so carry a spoon to hold the water, sure enough you will only fill a spoon.If you take a huge vessel you will fill a huge vessel and so is the case with … Read more
  • Easy Business You Can Start With Just 1 Skill
    In my last post I explained to you how you can start a business with no skills and in fact, with no investments. You can read that here.  Let’s make it more fun now. What if I tell you, you can learn  JUST ONE skill before starting your own company and that will change things … Read more

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